The little girl picks up her toy phone and pretends to dial a number. She waits patiently with the phone pressed between her head and shoulder, smiles at me, nods once and mouths “It’s ringing.” Then she acts surprised, “Oh Hi! How’s it going?” She doesn’t seem to wait very long for a response before jumping straight into business, “Hey, do you have any pennies?” a pause, “Do you have lots of pennies?” she smiles wide and holds her hand over the toy phones fake receiver. “They have lots, daddy. You see, I’m going to ask them to give us their pennies, and then after a little while we can give most of them back, but keep some of them for ourselves!”

“Clara. I don’t know who you have been talking to lately, but what you are describing is illegal and I’m going to have to ask for your phone so I can pretend to turn you in for solicitation of a Ponzi Scheme.”

Seriously, who taught my daughter how to play with a phone?