Clara has a toy laptop. She has no idea that it could be turned on if it had batteries. She is more than happy to just pretend it does things like a real computer. For instance, just yesterday she brought it to the car with her and while we drove around she had it on her lap. This is what I was able to overhear in the backseat.

“I think I will watch a Youtube video. Oh, here’s one. I wonder what it is about? Oh, it’s a guy that wants to climb up onto the roof of his house. He has a ladder. OH! Hahaha! He is taking a bicycle with him! Why is he doing that? … OH! Oh no, man! What are you doing?! Stop, man! Ah! Hahahaha! He fell down Dad! He fell off the roof with his bicycle!”

I’m sad now, because I really want to watch that video, but it is only in Clara’s little brain. Also though, this probably should be my sign that I apparently watch too many Youtube videos of people falling off of roofs already.