Clara was up first this morning. I heard her climb out of bed and then wander to the living room, announcing briefly on the stairs that it was snowing outside. She banged around for a minute or two in the living room and then was quiet for a very long time. After about 10 minutes I was about to go check on her, when she came casually walking back into the room to stand by our bed.

“Good Morning Clara.” I said to the girl in the pink nightgown, “What have you been doing this morning.”

“Oh,” she said, “I’ve just been having fun.”

Immediately I was a worried and propped myself up on my elbow to look at her squarely.

“Clara, what were you doing in the living room?”

She noticed my tone and became defensive, “Oh, I didn’t do anything naughty, Daddy. I was good.” and then she explained, “My body said ‘HIT PEOPLE!’ and I said, ‘No! That’s not nice, I’m not going to do that!’ and then it said ‘NO, HIT PEOPLE!’ and I said, ‘You stop saying that!'” and then she smiled in conclusion, “That was good, right Daddy.”

In my foggy half awake mind I could barely piece together what was going on.

“Clara.” I said finally, “Who is in the living room that your body wanted you to hit?”

“I didn’t hit anyone. I was just having fun.”

I conceded the conversation at this point, falling back onto my pillow.

I sometimes worry that my daughter might be completely nuts. I’ve played it back in my mind several times and I feel like I woke up in the middle of an audition tape where my daughter was trying out for the part of Gollum in a nightgown. However, I also realize that her diversionary tactic was so successful that I still have no idea what she was quietly doing in the living room for nearly 10 minutes this morning. Well… except for not hitting people. But honestly, I’m not even sure about that one now.