The other morning our family was frantically getting ready to leave the house (This statement is redundant, since this is the only way we ever leave the house).

“Clara! Come here so I can help you brush your teeth!”

Clara rounds the corner, “What Daddy?”

“I need you to brush your teeth before we leave. I’ll help you.”

“Oh, I don’t need to brush my teeth in the morning. Only at night.” she replies.

“No. Why would you not need to brush your teeth in the morning?”

“Because these are new teeth.” She smiles and shows me.

I wait until she is done smiling, “Okay, do you want the pink toothbrush? Or do you want the purple-”

“But I don’t need to brush my teeth, because they are my new teeth and I haven’t used them yet!”

“Clara… That doesn’t make any sense. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Well.” She says, going into her teaching tone. “Every night my old teeth fall out and I swallow them.Then in the morning I grow new ones. New teeth that have never been used and don’t need to be brushed.” She waits for a response but I don’t have one. “So, they don’t need brushed in the morning. Only at night.”

I don’t know much about biological science and human anatomy, but I don’t think what she was telling me was true. And it was amazing how as soon as I mentioned letting her use Daddy’s toothpaste, her new teeth needed to be brushed right away.