I had dinner this evening at the kitchen counter with Lydia. The rest of my family had to leave for an emergency exercise video session upstairs, and I will never understand girls. But Lydia and I shared hefty mugs of chicken soup and some quiet conversation.

Towards the end of our meal I gave her a small pile of corn chips. It wasn’t long until the chips had become a little family that lived next to her soup mug. There was a big curled up mom chip and a tall crisped edged daddy, and then ten to fifteen crummy little babies. She had the mom and dad sweetly put each of the babies in their own little bed in a neat row, and then daddy chip gave momma a kiss and announced that he was going to be leaving for work. The daddy walked to the edge of the counter, and they all spent a minute or so waving at him while he pretended to get into a car and drive away.

It was a magically accurate recreation of our typical morning routine. Including the part where, after pulling out of the driveway, Daddy was immediately devoured by a little girl doing a Cookie Monster impression.

Yep. That pretty much explains it, little girl.