Clara has adopted the new toys I was given for Christmas. She introduced us to Johnny and The Mighty King of the Jungle a few days ago. Since then she has told us many of their adventures.

They initially had a Pooh and Piglet style relationship. Often The King of the Jungle visited Johnny at his home and they would share some honey and cakes. Now they mostly go on adventures.

The other day they forgot they were friends and ended up fighting each other until the two of them fell down a deep hole. In this hole they realized they were friends and helped each other climb out with the assistance of a giant dancing snowman.

This evening they went to visit their friends at the house shown in this picture. But it turned out that the people they were visiting were very bad, and Johnny and the Jungle King had to run everyone off and take over the house as their own. What about this family made them bad? Oh, just that they didn’t ever invite people to their house to visit. Seems bad luck that the first people they had over beat them up and took over their house. Oh, also, it turns out the family had a little baby that they left behind when they ran off. So, now Johnny and the Jungle King are raising the baby as their own.

These are really fun adventures! I’m considering just selling the script to Disney.