Clara woke up today stretching before she even opened her eyes. Then she opened them and seemed a bit surprised to see me watching her from nearby. I could tell she struggled for a moment to remember where she was. She and her sister had spent the past several nights at their grandparents house so that Andrea and I could have a short vacation before the baby arrives. The girls enjoyed their time, but I know they were happy to be back home. So, as she woke I asked her about how she had slept and if she had any good dreams she would like to share. She claimed it was a fantastic night filled with wonderful dreams. And then she stared up at the ceiling and continued.

“I can’t remember how my dream started,” she said, “But I remember the end of it. There were lots and lots of soldiers and they were all lined up and preparing to fight with something, and they were looking up at a big mountain. On the mountain there were all kinds of animals. All of the different animals in the world. Monkeys and bears and cows. And they were all dressed like soldiers and they were going to fight with all of the people on the earth.” And then she paused dramatically and looked back at me. “And all over, on the ground, covering the whole earth, everywhere, was soup.”

She shrugged, “And that is when you woke me up.”

As much as I would like to hear how a dream like that could have possibly started, I think I know. We all know. Mankind is fully aware of its faults. We know how we have failed the planet. Our greed and lust for copious vats of soup has no other logical conclusion than that of open global warfare with the beasts of the Earth. It is only a matter of time until they rise up in defense of their homes and families. No more beef stew will be tolerated. No bear meat chili. We shall eat our last spoon of monkey bisque. We will stand shoulder to shoulder looking up at the hills, ankle deep in chicken noodle guilt, and we will remember the prophesy as it was foretold by the mouth of Clara. And we will want to know the end of these things. But the end will not have been written, and will remain forever unknown, because Clara was awoken early because her mother had to get to a MOPs meeting.