We lost our trash dolly a few days ago to a horrendous wind storm that has still not let up. After driving the neighborhood for an afternoon calling its name, we finally returned home to find it stuck up against our fence behind the garage. It was an odd location, and It seems strange that we hadn’t noticed it there sooner, but I didn’t ask any questions. I welcomed it back into our home with open arms. Our prodigal had returned. We killed the fatted calf. We threw a party. We allowed our long lost trash dolly to spend the weekend playing with our children.

However, a very sinister thing took place this morning. As I was backing out of our driveway I noticed something up against the fence behind our garage. Something waving faintly in the wind, calling for my attention. It was another trash dolly. This trash dolly also claims to be ours, and has spent the better part of the morning in bed struggling with fever telling some delirious story about how the first trash dolly is an impostor that tried to set him adrift in the ocean and has come to kidnap my family for ransom.

I no longer know which trash dolly to trust. I hadn’t questioned it earlier, but the first one arrived with a thin mustache and a goatie. Is this the evil trash dolly, or did it just grow facial hair while it was away. Is the story the second dolly is telling true, or is this just a fevered hallucination from a well traveled dolly that lives elsewhere in the neighborhood? Perhaps neither of the containers are ours and all of the trash dollys in our subdivision are just traveling in circles from house to house, in a bizarre twisted game of musical trash cans.

Tonight, I plan to interrogate both of them in the garage, by the light of a single hanging bulb. I have no doubt that by tomorrow morning, the truth will be known.