Ten years ago there was a mass funeral in Ukraine.  It was Valentine’s Day 2004.  There were probably close to a hundred or more people lost in a single day.  All of them close friends of ours.  Entire families.  Young, and old, boys and girls.  All of them drifted away and were lost, right before our eyes.  We went to the church building on a Wednesday evening and said good bye to each one of them for one final moment and then watched as they stepped out the door into the night and were gone.  The three of us left Ukraine with little expectation of ever seeing or hearing from any of the people we had grown so close to over the previous two years.  In the days before the prevalence of things like Facebook, Google Translator, or even high speed internet in Ukraine, leaving meant losing.  The wall between our worlds were much too tall.  There were no words to describe the grief as we stepped through a door in the wall and with one final glance, closed it behind us with a turn of the key.

The three of us went our separate ways in the end as well.  Three sides of a complex shape spiralling out into space on different missions.  But we would often unite over long distance channels and share our mutual hearts that continued to point back in the direction of Ukraine like a compass.  As the years passed the memories became like something from a dream.  And like with any good dream we would wake up and consider the impossible fantasty of somehow going back to sleep and letting it continue.  Even just for a moment.  To hug the neck of long lost friends.  To sit with them for just a few more moments as if we had never left.  And to do so as the unique three part organism that was our little team.

Today something impossible happened.  Today we woke up inside the dream.  Today was Ressurection Day.