Clara has been struggling recently with a fear of mosquitos. It is enough to keep her in the house on beautiful afternoons, and she is deathly afraid that one will come in the house, at which point we will have to grab a few important items and move away.

Last night she and her sister came and excitedly sat down next to me. Clara spoke first. “Daddy.” She said, “I have an idea about how to get rid of mosquitos. We should get some wood and cut it and paint it so it looks like a man. Then we can put it outside by the neighbor’s yard. The mosquitos will just go and eat him and leave us alone.” I nodded. A very practical variation on Scarecrow Theory. A tactical bait and switch using available resources and skills. I applauded her problem solving.

Lydia had a different approach. “I know how we can get rid of the mosquitos.” She said, “Lets go to Macie’s house!”