The other day we took the kids to the park. While we sat in the car with a sleeping baby, the girls ran to play on the swings. Clara went immediately and introduced herself to a family at the far end and happily took the next seat in line. Lydia however took a lone swing on the opposite side. She seemed completely oblivious to the fact that her sister had even left her. She straddled the seat sideways and proceeded to swing it in the opposite direction. While we watched from a distance, she danced and swung and twirled herself across it. She never once seemed alone.

It is an honor to watch this young girl grow. I am exhausted by her chaotic energy. I cringe as she fearlessly jumps from the top of anything she can climb. I am dazzled by her magical observations of the world, and how she sees no reason to do things the same way as anyone else. She somersaults her way across streets and sits upside down in chairs while watching movies. She races through the world on tiptoes and pirouettes with a flourish when she stops, and even when she sleeps she is still dancing. Still running. Still chasing something fantastic in her beautiful little mind.

As of today she is three years old, and she is already changing the world. I can’t wait to see where this story takes her.