I found myself, this morning, once again waking up in a tiny bed in a pink room that I had not been in when I had fallen asleep the previous evening. My mind struggled to come to terms with my mysterious teleportation, and I slowly remembered the coordinated attacks of the two mischievous pixies that we let live in our home, and who frequently terrorize me at night.

In the dim pink glow of the room my half sleeping mind pieced together the previous nights events. Through a series of automatic instinctual exhausted decisions, I had been evicted from my bed by one fair haired waif, and had been tricked by the older dark haired one into joining her under a purple blanket in a bed that hardly fits her, let alone both of us. So it was, that the morning light crept through the window and found me rolled up in a ball with my 5 year old daughter tangled up using my arm as a pillow.

I slowly began pulling my appendages free from the night-gowned spider. As if sensing my approaching freedom, the creature pulled herself tighter against me, her face now uncomfortably embedded in the pit of my arm. I relaxed my escape attempt with a sigh and dropped my head back onto the bed.

“Daddy.” I heard a quiet voice say. I turned to see that the girl had opened half of one eye and was watching me. She spoke in slurred dreamy intonations. “Do you know why I like when you sleep in my bed?” She asked. Her wispered words tickeling my underarm hair.

“No.” I told her.

Her eyes closed again and she drifted back to sleep. “Because you smell like mom’s cookies…”

With this strange thought echoing through both of our minds, we all fell back asleep.