“Clara, what is your favorite memory about me as you Daddy?”

She scrunched up her face and shrugged.

“You know,” I continued. “Like… Years from now, when someone asks you what your Dad was like, what story will you tell them about that is your favorite time you ever had with your dad?”

She thought a second more. “Okay. Well, I guess it would have to be the time when you brought home a bunch of Christmas presents, and you wanted to wrap them without me seeing. So, you let me watch cartoons on the big computer with headphones on all afternoon. And I watched “Curious George” and “Kipper the Dog” and “The Magic School Bus” and-”

“No, no. Stop. That’s not your favorite memory about your Daddy. That is your favorite memory about watching Netflix. We have done lots of fun things together. What is the funnest time you remember having with Daddy?”

“Oh! I know. Okay. It was the time when you were downstairs playing the paper folding game on the computer. And I came to watch. And then you let me play because someone called on the phone and you had to go upstairs.”

I stared at her while she hugged me and smiled. “Okay. Not only is that a memory about playing video games alone, but that was literally just yesterday.”