“Dad!” Clara frantically replied on the other end of the line, panting heavily in excitement.

“Clara? Are you alright?” I rushed out of my office and into the hallway.

“Yes! Mom said I could call you with her phone.”

“I’m working Clara, what do you need?”

She fumbled with the phone. “Dad!” She continued, “Okay, I was eating an apple and now my tooth is loose and it kind of hurts but not that bad but there is some blood but I’m okay and Mom said if it comes out you’ll give me money! But I can wiggle it. It moves.”

“Where is it? It didn’t come out yet, right?” I asked.

“No, it’s still there. On the bottom. Mom doesn’t believe me, but it can totally lean back like a chair. And not like your chair at work, but all the way back. I think you could sleep in it even, that’s how far it can lean.”

“Wow. Okay. Well, that’s really neat Clara. Don’t play with it too much and I’ll look at it when I get home.”

So, if anyone is interested in a small well-used reclining incisor let me know. We will probably be getting rid of one to make room for a larger model in the next week or so. But this one is still great for salads and soft meats and Jellos. Also, whistling, opening potato chip bags and taking long afternoon naps.