I witnessed the most amazing thing the other morning.

By chance I happened to be in Clara’s bed room when she suddenly woke up from a sound sleep. It was like she was struck by lighting. One moment she was laying calmly on her pillow, tangled in her blankets, and then the next moment she was sitting bolt upright with her eyes wide and her dark hair standing out in chaotic swirls in every direction. She sat like that, in stunned silence, for several seconds while she scanned the room and let her eyes adjusted to the dim light. I waited. Eventually she noticed me watching from across the room.

Without hesitation upon making eye contact with me she announced in a clear confident voice, “I’m tired of sleeping!” Completely devoid of any sign of having just woken up. “I’m tired of sleeping!” As if her brain had been pacing anxiously inside her skull for the past several hours waiting for her body to wake up. Meandering back and forth, checking its pink wrist watch incessantly, tapping its toe softly on the base of her skull and then getting up and walking some more. All the while, thinking about how the world is full of mystery and adventure, and every moment spent laying in bed is just wasting time. Overcome with boredom, some deep phantom energy in her mind struggled to shake the rest of her body awake. It reached down grabbed her by the shoulders and said, “Hey, little girl. I’m tired of sleeping. You hear me? I’m done with this nonsense.”

It was almost as if it was the very concept of sleep itself that she was opposed to. Perhaps she had given up on the whole thing altogether. Never again would she submit herself to such frivolous inactivity. She was free from its archaic bonds. She had transcended this rudimentary and animal ritual which had outstayed its welcome in her bones.

A half second later she threw off her covers and jumped out the door, like a paratrooper invading the day. She flipped every light switch she passed on her free fall down to the living room.

I waited a few moments as the sound of opening cabinets and crashing pans came echoing up from the kitchen. With a sigh I reluctantly rose to follow her. The day had officially begun and it had brought with it the sobering promise that this day may never end.