“MMMmmmyoda-oda-oda-oda-oda-oda-oda-oda-oda-ooooooo!” I yodeled at the girls as they ate their dinner at the kitchen counter. I finished and opened my eyes to find the two of them staring at me in frozen surprise, bits of pizza hung precariously out of Lydia’s dropped jaw, and Clara’s eyebrows had retreated up into her hairline leaving a concerned furrow behind. The two of them looked at each other, and then back at me.

Finally Clara spoke up, “Sorry Dad, but that was the worst magic trick I have ever seen.”

I shook my head at her. “I didn’t say it was a magic trick. You asked what it meant to yod-”

She cut me off, “Here. I’ll show you a magic trick.” She hopped off her stool and came around the counter to collect a large soup spoon, then she returned to her seat.

“Okay,” she said with a patronizing flip of her wrists. “Do you see this spoon?”

Her sister and I nodded.

“Well, watch this!” she said. And then she started spinning wildly in circles. She spun faster and faster until she became dizzy and began stumbling sideways. She ricocheting off of a sliding glass door and then crumbled under the kitchen table in a dramatic flop. Only her feet showed from behind the tablecloth. While she sat there under the table on all fours I could see her in the reflection of the glass door. She fumbled with the spoon and tried to shove up one of her pink shirt sleeves, but in her hurry she dropped it two or three times and it clanged on the floor. She frantically chased after it as it slid across the floor and glanced over her shouldering knowing that the illusion was quickly dissipating.

She eventually emerged holding her empty hands out in front of her, smirking proudly at how empty they were. A spoon shaped imprint was clearly visible under the elastic of her shirt sleeve, and her eyes flicked back and forth between me and this tell tale bulge.

Lydia and I glanced at each other a few times.

“What do you think?” Clara asked.

“Sorry Clara,” I told her mimicking her face from earlier. “but that was the worst yodeling I have even seen.”