I pulled into the Walmart parking lot this evening and turned to help unbuckle the two girls in the back seat. Clara was already halfway out of her shoulder straps, but Lydia was staring strangely out the window into the night sky. I stopped and watched her for a moment. She seemed to be alternating between opening her eyes as wide as she could make them then squinting with a sudden grimace.

“Lydia, what are you doing?” I asked.

Without looking at me she explained, her face contorted into a strange smile, “I’m making the lights come to me.” She said.

I watched a few seconds more. “Excuse me, what?”

“I can make the lights come to me.”

I looked at her sister for support, but she was just waiting patiently to get out of the car. “What is she talking about, Clara?”

Clara shrugged. “Um, she can squint like that, and it makes the lights that are up in the air come down to her.” She pointed at her sister as if watching my daughter continue to wink her face at the window would help explain any of the nonsense these two tiny mental patients were discussing.

I looked back to Lydia who was now waving a hand slowly in front of her crumpled face, like a scuba diver might play with a school of tropical fish. “Cool,” I said, and then I worked my hands around her little waving arms and somehow managed to get her free from the car.

As we walked in, the two of them danced on either side of me, each tethered to an arm, “Why are you so excited?” I asked. “We are just going to Walmart to buy carrots.”

Lydia attempted to spin in a circle, “I can’t wait to go inside so I can make all of the lights come to me. And then everyone in the store will see me and they will say, ‘WOW! Look at that little girl! She can make the lights come to her! That is great!’ and I will say, ‘Yes. I can move the lights.'” and she shrugged as if to say “No big deal. I just control light with my eyes.”

“Okay.” I told her as we walked towards the carts, “Let’s not do that. It is too early to expose your powers to the world. I’m afraid I would not be able to protect you if people here were to witness your full potential this early in life. And you are too impulsive and lack the discipline you will need to learn through further training. Okay?”

She squinted up at me, “Okay, Daddy.” but I could tell, she was doing it. She was making the light come to her with her eyes. As I stood there in the entryway of Walmart, she was penetrating me, collecting my light and pulling it towards her. Stealing my life force. Pulverizing me on a realm invisible to my adult eyes. It was already happening and I was powerless to stop it.