The other day I was riding in the car with Clara when a fire truck drove past us with it’s siren on.

“Uh oh.” Clara said from the back seat. “Someone is hurt and needs help right now.”

“Yes.” I agreed solemnly.

“Aaaaaand,” she continued softly, “Someone just died.”

It was quiet for a moment, “What are you talking about? No one just died, it was just a fire truck. There’s lots of reason it could be in a hurry.”

“No… someone just died.” She said again. “Aaaaaalso, someone else was just born.” She waved her hands in interpretation of the magic of time and the expanding universe. “Everything on earth is happening Right. Now. All at the same time.”

We drove on in silence, just another of a billion tiny dust mites counting our breaths as we crawl across a fleck of rock in a spiral of air stirred up by an invisible window in space being opened for a moment and then quietly closed again.