I listened through the sheets covering my head as Lydia kicked her self out of bed and dashed into the hallway. She was obviously on her way to find her sister because I soon heard mattress springs squeaking in the other room as she jumped in and started shaking Clara by the shoulders.

“Clara!” she sang. “Clara, wake up it’s morning. Look outside!”

Her sister was not as excited however. I could hear her muffled response as she grumbled into her pillow. “No. Lydia. Stop. I’m sleeping.”

Lydia persisted. “But look outside! Look at the day! It’s beautiful! Wake up!”

Clara was suddenly in angry half awake tears. “Just leave me alone,” she said, climbing out of bed. “That is so rude.”

A moment later I heard a door flung open and there was a little girl standing by the edge of my bed shaking me by my shoulders. “Dad!” she cried. “Lydia came and woke me up when I was still sleeping and that was very rude.” I ignored her so she continued, shaking even harder this time. “Dad, get up! Lydia is being so rude and she woke me up!”

I uncovered my head and stared at her with one eye.

“Good,” she said calmly. “You’re awake now. Lydia is being rude.”

I groaned and pulled the covers back over my head.