I woke up on Easter morning with my six year old leaning over me, shaking the edge of my mattress. She was excitedly repeating some kind of nonsense over and over like a scientist that had just made a major break through and had to share it with everyone even if they didn’t understand.

She repeated the phrase until I opened one eye and looked up at her. She smiled and said it again, directly into my open eye, even louder this time, and then she twirled in a quick circle and bowed.

“Wait… Clara… are you saying ‘Cheap Snuggles’?”

“Yes!” She cried in joy. She had finally gotten through to me. “That’s what I decided on as a name!”

She grinned wildly. A mad hatter with erratic tentacles of dark hair and pink pajamas. We blinked at each other a few times.

“Cheap Snuggles?” I said once again for clarification, only slower this time. She nodded. “I sure hope this isn’t the name of a new business model you have come up with…” Just the day before she had been describing to me about her Lemonaide Stand where she planned to give away lemons soaked in lime juice, and then, after the all of the neighbors were hooked on her secret lime soaked lemons she would jack the price up and made ‘lots and lots of money’. “I don’t know what I would do if you were already planning to start a second business on the corner called Cheap Snuggles to work along side your strange neighborhood drug ring.”

“No, Dad!” She twirled once more and when she came back around she extended her hand and magically produced a small yellow pipe cleaner with googly eyes attached.

My eyes were still adjusting to the light and I was in a bit of a daze from just having woken up. “Is that… um… What is that?”

She brought it closer and I leaned back into my pillow. “See? It’s a baby chicken!”

Suddenly I had a flash of realization. “Oooooh. Not Cheap Snuggles. It’s a chicken! You mean his name is Cheep Snuggles!”

Her eyebrows furrowed and the chicken wiggled a bit in her hands. “Um… yeah. That’s what I said. Cheep Snuggles.”

“Fun,” I said with a nod and a quiet sigh of relief. “That’s a fun name.”

She left the room and I pulled the blankets back up over my head with a groan.