“Hey, have you guys ever had these before?” I held up a pack of Hostess Sno-balls.

The little girls blinked at me.

“They’re Sno-balls!” I smiled. “I thought it would be fun to get some for desert to go with our picnic. Don’t you think it would be fun to eat Sno-balls to celebrate the end of winter?”

They blinked some more in astonishment. They were suddenly catatonic with joy. Amazing treats sometimes do that, so I smiled wide like a superhero and tossed the marshmallow puff balls into the cart and began to walk away.

There was a sudden commotion behind me. Clara was chasing after me, “wait wait wait Dad! Something is wrong with Lydia!” I turned around. Lydia was disintegrating in the middle of the aisle. Her arms flapped like a frightened little bird and she emitted a high pitch anxious whine as she glanced from me to the rack of Hostess treats.

I rushed back, Clara grabbing my arm and leading the way.

Lydia crouched on the floor now, shivering uncontrollably, eyes wide staring at our shopping cart at the end of the aisle. “They are going to melt!” She screamed. “Put the snow balls back before they melt!” Clara’s worried eyes stared at me in concerned agreement.

I quickly grabbed a second pack of Sno-balls and held it in front of them. “No, these Sno-balls don’t melt.” I had them both poke at the spongy cakes. Their jaws dropped. In their eyes swam constellations and milky dreams, explosions of light and color. “Whooooooa…” they both sang. I watched as the universe expanded in front of them like a rolled out carpet. Infinity multiplied by infinity. I knew, from this moment on nothing would be impossible for them.