Have you forgotten? Can you try remember with me? Can you picture your mother’s skirt hanging like a curtain in front of you? The kitchen like a cathedral. The ceiling an out of focus sky. The mysteries. The noise. The dogs like dinosaurs lurking along the walls. Sisters like angels dancing through the room. Here, then gone, then behind you. Their angel songs ringing in harmonious joy.

You pull on the curtain and cry. You pull on the curtain. “Take me.” You struggle to say. “Take me up into your arms forever.” A laughing hand descends from the heavens. It brushes a soothing finger along your cheek, but it does not take you with it. It doesn’t rescue you from the frightening loneliness and confusion of the floor. Instead, it places something in your hand. There is a smile. Words of an unknown tongue. Then it is gone. And you are left with this strange gift. A holy relic. What is it? Do you remember?

The angels descend and long to share in your gift. But today it is not their time. It is the time for the young to experience the ancient heavens. A crowd gathers. A sea of teeth shining. Smiling. Wide eyes. Eager breaths.

They gently reach out and press the object to your lips. And *BOOM* Instantly the world evaporates into a cool mist. In that moment you became new. Everything in the world (hopes, dreams, understanding), all of it gone in a brilliant flash of light. Swirling colors. Nothing else matters now. Nothing else exists here. Just you and this cream covered thread connection you to God.

Can you remember? Where were you? Can you go back there with me, to the moment you first licked fresh whipped cream off of an egg beater?

I want to find that moment, and I want to make a nest in it. I want to live there for all my time on Earth. I believe that moment of pure safety, contentment, wonderment, pleasure, and surprise is the closest we will ever come to Heaven, until the laughing hand finally takes us home. Then we will sleep forever with the cream on our faces and the gift of God stuck firmly in our hands. We will sleep that sweet sweet sleep.

If you can not take me now, God, let me at least wait here, with an egg beater covered in cream.