There was a disagreement at Grandma and Granddaddy Kuennings house the other day. Clara told me about it yesterday in the car. Apparently cousin’s new kitten was scared and ran away. Some people thought that maybe the cat was hiding behind a couch or under a bed somewhere in the house. Others were worried that the cat had run outside and they should be looking for it there. No one could agree on where to look.

Clara said she came up with what she called a “perfect solution” for how to decide, but claims that Granddaddy and Grandma wouldn’t agree to it.

She then told me her conflict resolution plan, and this is how it went: First they would all go out on the porch and construct what she described as a ramp with a triangle in the middle of it. That way the sides of the ramp could go up and down on both sides, like a seesaw. Then everyone would choose sides. On one end would be the people that think they should look for the cat inside. On the other side would be the people that think that the cat is outside and they should look for him there. Then, and this is the magical part, they would all step on the teeter totter and which ever side stayed down that would be the side that wins the argument.

I can understand now why Grandma and Granddaddy Kuenning weren’t so enthusiastic about this plan.

I have been thinking about her solution for the past day or so now, and every time I think about it I’m more impressed. What an oddly intuitive method of election by weight rather than number. Now I don’t know if she is destined to go into engineering or national politics.