Have you ever been talking to someone and just when you are about to leave they begin a story, and you don’t want to interrupt so you listen politely expecting the story to end at any moment, but it doesn’t end and just keeps going and going and going? And you don’t want to be rude, but you’re kind of in a hurry and you already know who Inspector Gadget is and how he has machines that come out of his hat, and you know that he doesn’t realize that the bad guys are bad guys but somehow is still able to stop them? And you try to move towards your car so you can get to work, but the person telling the story is between you and the porch steps, so you just lean on the door frame and listen to your six year old daughter tell you the plot of an entire season of Inspector Gadget for 20 minutes without even stopping to breathe? And you nod and check your watch and nod and check your watch?

Then you finally find a moment of silence and hurriedly say that you really really really need to go to work now, and you run to your car and start to back out of the driveway, and before you can get onto the road, you realize a little girl is chasing after you in her socks across wet grass making weird hand motions? So, you put the car in park and roll the window down and she leans in and says, “I’m sorry.” and you play dumb and say, “Sorry for what?” and she says, “I’m sorry that I was so excited to tell you about Inspector Gadget that I forgot to give you a hug.” And you reach as far as you can out of the window and hold her up against the door, and then slowly pull away while she waves at you in the mirror?