Halfway through the 7th chapter of Prince Caspian, the girls fell asleep. Each of them with their heads at opposite ends of the bed and their legs tangled between them like tree roots. I was anxious to see what happened in the story, but instead, I replaced the pink flowered bookmark and placed the worn book back onto the shelf in the closet.

I stood over them for a moment and calculated the most efficient way to take apart the little puzzle of legs and arms. I knew I had to deconstruct them. If I didn’t move Lydia so she was on her pillow, under covers in her regular place next to her sister, she was bound to come wandering into my bedroom at some point crying in her usual bewildered moan. I knew I would wake up, startled by this blank eyed apparition hovering over my bed and there would be no solution other than to give her my sliver of space and leave to find a different place to finish out the night. This happens every other day or so, and it takes very little to set her off.

I slid my arm around her shoulders and turned her while lifting one of her legs in the air with my other hand. Then I gently dragged her up the bed to her pillow. As I adjusted the blankets around her chin, her eyes fluttered open for a moment.

“I don’t always come to your room,” she said, dreamily reading my mind in a way that made me feel slightly uneasy.

“I know. It’s okay,” I reassured her tucking the blankets under her toes.

“Sometimes I come to your room,” she continued. “But I don’t know how I get there most of the time. I don’t see them, but someone comes in the night and carries me to your bed.”

“Yeah, okay… that’s alright,” I said again, getting slightly creeped out.

“I go to bed here…” She whispered to herself as I walked across the room. “And I wake up in there.” she said as I shut off the light and quietly entered the hallway.

Four hours later I was awaken in the night by a young girl that was slowly being lowered into my bed by a pair of invisible arms. I rolled out of the way and found a different place to sleep for the night.