“What is that?” Lydia asked from the back seat. We were driving past the gigantic FUN CENTER that is still being built down the road from our house.

“Oh,” I said as cheerfully I could. “That’s a place where they are going to have lots of really cool fun games and things. We will probably go there next winter when the days are dark and cold, and we have spent too much time stuck inside the house and it has made us all very miserable and unhappy.”

She sighed and turned back to the window with a frown, “I wish I was unhappy NOW!”

“I know sweetheart, we all do.” I shook my fist, “Ugh! Why can’t we be unhappy NOW! But it’s a beautiful evening and the sun is still out at seven o’clock and the days are warm. And I’m afraid It will be a very long time before we will be unhappy again.”

She smiled and looked back at me in the rear view mirror, “Okay Dad. I guess I can wait.”