Clara is interested in money. Or maybe I should say, she, like most of us, is interested in what money can buy for her. But she has a problem. Now that the coins in our family vacation fund jar have been exhausted, she no longer has an income. The mine has run dry and all the miners have packed up and left her trying to make ends meet. Her little mind has been working day and night to come up with a solution, some gold deposit in the hills that she has yet to tap into. Could she make something and sell it? Is there a service she could provide? There has to be some way to make money with very little effort. I applaud her entrepreneurial spirit, as she comes up with new inventive ways to make money appear in her hands.

That is, I used to applaud her spirit. But today I was given some serious pause. I opened the refrigerator at lunch and took out a jug of grape juice only to discover a sticky note stuck to the cap that said, in large bold lettering, “1$”. Apparently my daughter’s her new idea is to charge her father to drink his own grape juice.

Now I’m at a loss. I’m going to have to talk to her. But what do I say? How do you even start a conversation with a little girl that tries to levy a tax on the use of your own grape juice, grape juice you paid for with your own hard-earned money, grape juice sitting in your very own refrigerator, in your very own home? I really have no idea how to proceed. I’ve never spoken to a 7-year-old Democrat before.