We were sitting around a table this afternoon at a restaurant discussing what we were going to order. Lydia, had a large purple napkin tucked into the collar of her blue church dress and was periodically lifting a large sparkling glass of water up to her lips for a sip. She was enjoying being in the company of her family and feeling especially grown up. After all, she had just recently turned five, and five was such a big age for a little girl that couldn’t remember being any age other than four.

She lifted a postcard off the table and held it above her head, “Look Gran!” she called across the table. “I have a coupon for the toy store! We are going to go there after this and buy something for my birthday, because it’s still my birthday. It’s my birthday as long as I’m still getting presents!”

We all smiled. I took the card and showed her that I was going to place it in my coat pocket, and then I went back to looking at the menu.

She sighed, deep in her grown up thoughts. After a few moments she turned back to me.

“Dad, I think I would like to have a pony.”

“Oh, yeah?” I said. “That’s not too surprising. But I don’t think they sell them at the toy store.”

She looked confused for a moment, then she laughed and took another sip of her water. “No silly, not at the toy store. Here!”

I blinked at her.

She stared down at her Kid’s Menu. “I’ve eaten a pony before, I think. With mushrooms.” She scanned the menu a few more times and mumbled to herself, “…pony and mushrooms…” turning it over as if to see if maybe ‘Pony and Mushroom Sauce’ was listed on the other side.

I leaned down and carefully slid the menu out of her hands, “Um… How about pizza. You can have pizza.”

She smiled back up at me and nodded, “Or pizza. Pizza’s good I guess.”