I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I woke up exhausted and stared at my alarm for a full 30 seconds before reluctantly pulling my arm out of the warm cocoon of bed sheets to turn it off.

I had woken up in the night, soaked in a cold sweat. I had been having troubling dreams. At least, I thought I had been. I couldn’t exactly remember what dreams I was having, but I felt anxious and uncomfortable and was certain that the dreams must have been terrible. I felt like something evil was sneaking up behind me in the dark and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Something was hiding in our room and it was quietly getting closer and closer. And this thought had woken me up. I lie there in the dark, feeling my bed clothes stuck to my back with sweat. I checked the time: 4:30.

I hadn’t fallen back asleep after that. I tossed and turned fitfully in the warm covers trying to shake the feeling like there was something else in the room with us. Something terribly wrong. I listened to my wife’s uncomfortable breathing as she rolled in her sleep as well. Gideon, who had joined us at sometime in the night, was laying between us. He mumbled and groaned to himself periodically. No one was happy, and it felt as if some bad thing in the darkness was feeding on our unhappiness.

Several hours later my alarm went off. My eyes were already open, staring at it when it when it finally lit up, and I still waited those 30 seconds before moving to silence it.

How long could I stay here in bed before I absolutely had to get up and leave for work? Could I stay here 10 minutes? 15 minutes maybe? I stretched my legs and arms and snuggled deeper into the blankets. My pajamas still slightly clammy and uncomfortable, but I was at peace for a moment. Whatever evil had come for us in the night had failed. We survived. Maybe we could survive the rest of the day as well. I could probably pull off 15 minutes… maybe even twenty.

I heard Andrea roll over to look up at the ceiling as she also started to wake up. Suddenly she gasped and kicked at the sheets. A scream exploded out of her and she began yelling. “Oh no!” she said, “Gideon peed in our bed!”

I threw myself off of the mattress, ricocheting off of the wall as I spun around. I glanced over the soaked bed and shivered. Then, once again I felt my shirt still clinging to my back. My shirt. Clinging to my back.

The sudden realization made me dizzy. I had not woken up in a cold sweat. I had not been woken up by terrible dreams. I had not imagined an evil thing hiding in the darkness of our room sneaking up behind me as I slept. It had been there. The whole time. Urine. My brain had been struggling to warn me, but my tired body had brushed it aside.

I gathered up my clothes and left to take a shower. At least it had gotten me out of bed on time.