Tonight at dinner Clara told us again about how much she doesn’t like eating meat. She says it is because she doesn’t like thinking about how something had to die for her to eat it. This is becoming a regular dinner time announcement, so there wasn’t much that we needed to say in response. But then she said, “When I grow up, I don’t think I’m going to eat meat. No meat, and No people!” she proclaimed.

I put down my fork. “Wait.. What-”

Lydia interrupted me, “Not me! I’m going to eat meat, but I won’t eat people.”

I spun in my chair, “hold on. Why are you even-”

Gideon jumped onto his chair and held a fork towards the sky. “Not me! Me eat meat AND people!” he cheered, smiling wildly.

“Okay. Stop stop stop. Guys, we don’t eat people okay?”

They stared at me. Gideon slowly sat back down onto his chair.

“Okay?” I asked again. “We don’t eat people, okay?” For some reason I felt like an agreement on this subject was important. As if my night’s sleep depended on it.

Finally Gideon looked sheepishly back into his bowl. “Okay…” he said sadly, “Gidbot no eat people…” but I kept watching him as he pushed a chicken leg around in his bowl with a fork. And I was still watching a few moments later when he glanced back my direction out the corner of his eye, and then slowly scanned everyone at the table with hungry interest.