The kids and I watched the trailer to the new Beauty and the Beast movie this evening.

When it ended the girls were very quiet and deep in thought. Finally, Clara spoke.

“Dad?” she asked, “Why does Mom like Beauty and the Beast so much?”

“Oh…” I said, “lots of reasons. I mean, it’s a good story about love and bravery, but there are lots of stories about that kind of thing. I think the thing that Mom connects with the most is that the main character is so similar to herself. It’s about a beautiful young woman that is strong and confident, respected and thoughtful, with pretty long brown hair. And she loves books and takes care of her family. So, Belle is a lot like Mom, right?”

Clara nodded and smiled. But Lydia was still thinking about something and I could see a funny little smirk growing in the corner of her mouth. Then suddenly she announced in a sweet sing-song voice, “But she doesn’t doooooo Pleeeeeeexusssssss!”

“Right,” I said when she finished her little song. “Belle doesn’t sell Plexus. But other than that- just like Mom.” This the kids could agree to.

But now I’m realizing, I haven’t seen the new version of the movie. How much has Disney changed about the story? Does Belle take Plexus now? Does she dance through town singing songs about the power of Pink Drink? Does Gaston think he is in love with Belle, but really he just wants her for her Omega-3 supply? Perhaps, in this version Belle saves the Beast by showing him the true power of gut health and gets him on a proper regiment of probiotics which reverses the curse?