Gideon crawled up onto my lap last night while I was editing pictures. I quickly scrolled through a recent collection of images until I came to one of him standing dejectedly in the rain at a birthday party.

“Here Gideon, I like this picture of you a lot,” I told him. “Do you like this picture?”


He shrugged, “No. I no like that picture.”

“Oh,” I said, hiding my disappointment.

“Me like the other picture.”

“Ahh…” I said. I understood now. Of course, he would prefer the first one. I clicked back to the picture before it. In this photo, he was standing with more confidence and poise. “You’re right, Gideon. This is a better picture of you. I just like the other one because of the overall composition and how the light catches in your-”


He groaned, “No. Not that picture. Me like the OTHER picture. Picture of Clara. Clara. On. A horse!”

I was caught off guard for a moment. What picture was he walking about, and how did he know about it? I slowly went back through the pictures which I had just recently flipped through in my eagerness to show him pictures of himself. Sure enough, several photos earlier was a picture of his big sister sitting on a horse at the same birthday party. He had only seen it for half a second as the images flashed by, but there it was.

When we got to it he smiled. “There! That one!” He shifted on my lap and nodded up at me. “That my favorite.”


“Yes,” I agreed. “This is good too.”

“Yeah,” he said staring back at the screen. “Me like Clara.”

“Yes,” I said again, hugging the little man to my chest. “Yes.”