“I found out a secret thing,” Lydia said slyly.

I turned from my computer and narrowed my eyes at the little girl. She was somehow leaning sideways around the back of the desk chair I was sitting in. She wiggled her eyebrows at me for a few seconds waiting for me to respond. “Okay, Lydia.” I spun my chair around, but the little head spun with me. “What is your secret thing.”

“Well!” she disconnected from the back of my chair and coiled up on the floor like a snake, “It’s about my CD player.” She transformed herself into a Buddha statue, “I found a special button, and if you push it one way it just makes a weird noise, but then you can push a different button and the noise will turn into music again.”

She closed her eyes and changed colors five times before continuing. “But it’s like, magic music, Dad. It’s magic. Because it plays music I’ve never heard and the CD doesn’t even spin.”

I raised my eyebrows in mock surprise, “Oh, Wow. Really?”

She exploded into laughter and bounced off of all four walls at the same exact time. Then suddenly she vanished.

“Lydia?” I looked under my desk and then behind the couch, “Lydia?!”

“Here, look!” She was coming down the stairs dragging her portable CD player.

“How did you-?”

She plugged it in across the room. “Look!” She started the CD player. “See… Normal music, right? But if I do THIS!” she flipped a switch on the side of the stereo and immediately the room was filled with loud static. “Noise!” She lifted the lid on top to show me that the CD was no longer spinning, “And if I do THIS!” she yelled over the deafening static, “I get-!”

Music started playing. She had run the radio tuner all the way up and stopped on a clear channel. She waved her hands in the air like a magician that had just reassembled a woman which they had previously sawn in half.

“Secret music! Did you see? It’s not on my disc? It’s different, every time I do it. Isn’t that crazy?! Sometimes it’s not even music. Sometimes, it’s a guy talking about things. And they are things that are happening RIGHT NOW.”

I slowly walked across the room and knelt over the small device. It was currently playing a Whitney Houston song. I ran my hands over the smooth surface and pressed the button to shut it off. I let the silence hang ominously in the room for a moment before looking up at the little girl. “Lydia…” I took a deep breath, “Lydia what you discovered just now is extremely dangerous, ” I looked back at her stereo. “I’m afraid this terrible machine must now be destroyed.”