“So, Clara,” I pointed at the calendar on my screen. “Your birthday this year will be on a Thursday. You’ll get to spend it with your CC friends. Also, Lydia and Gideon’s birthdays are always on the same day of the week because they are exactly 14 weeks apart. This year it’s going to be on a Monday. Sorry, guys…” Although, I secretly knew my children have no idea what a Monday is.

I changed the dates and checked my birthday, and sighed. “We need some weekend birthdays around here. Why do we never get a Saturday birthday?”

Lydia walked up and watched as I continued typing mysterious numbers into the computer. She brushed at my arm reassuringly. Apparently, I seemed stressed, and she had come to help me relax.

“It’s okay, Lyd. I’ll have a Saturday birthday eventually.” I clicked a few more numbers. “Hey! Here it is. My next Saturday birthday will be when I turn 40! That will be fun, right? We are going to have an awesome time that day.”

The little girl smiled up at me in my peripheral vision, “Oooh. That will be fun. Good for you Dad. Is that your last one?”

I smiled dumbly at the screen, still typing numbers. “My last what, dear?”

“Your birthday. Is 40 your last one?”

My smile froze into an awkward grimace and I continued to stare at the screen mid keystroke, then my hands fell limply into my lap. “No, dear. I don’t think so. I mean. Maybe. But I’ll probably have a few more after that. Maybe no more on a Saturday though… That’s too much to ask for apparently.”

I turned and tousled her hair. She blinked slowly up at me like a painted cherub. “Lydia, sweetie. You know what you could do to help me have more Saturday birthdays?”

“Yes, Dad?”

“Go put your pajamas on.”

She turned and dashed up the stairs.