The other day Gideon was excitedly pointing out a window at some birds.

“Dad!” he called. “Come look! There are Sea Eagles outside in the parking lot.”

I slowly walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Gideon, there is no such thing as a Sea Eagle. What are you looking at?”

He waited for a second and then pointed again, “Them’s down there. Sea Eagles. Them are white eagles.”

I squinted out the window, “No, I understand, that’s just not what they are called. They aren’t Sea Eagles.”

“What are them?

“They are Seagulls.”

He blinked at me and then looked at the birds again. “Uh… Yeah…that’s what me say. Sea Eagles.”

I pat him on the shoulder, “You know what? You win, little man. They are called Sea Eagles.”