I was browsing through a rack of Hawaiian shirts at the mall when Gideon came wandering over. He had been hanging out with his sisters on the opposite end of the store and he had a curious look on his face.

“Dad,” he said, noticeably concerned. “Boys don’t wear girl clothes, right?”

I knelt down. “No son. We wear boy clothes.” I glanced around the store. What had he seen out there?

He sighed in relief but was still visibly disturbed. “Okay. Then Dad,” He pointed over my shoulder, “why are you looking at those shirts with flowers all over them?”

I looked back at the Hawaiian shirts, then back at the boy, then at the shirts, then at the boy again. “I… These are just…” My mouth opened several times before I could speak. “Look, kid… I’m sorry,” I told him. “It was a moment of weakness. It will never happen again.”