This evening I caught Lydia curled up in an armchair with some markers and a pad of paper. She was intently watching a Bob Ross video on a tablet and following his directions as she scribbled out a mountain, trees, and a little lake.

I watched her quietly for a few minutes before interrupting.

“So, did Mom show you how to find those videos?” I asked.

“No.” She attacked the page with an orange marker, happily.

“How are you watching this then? Are you on Netflix?”

“No. It is on Youtube.”

“I mean, how did you find a Bob Ross video on Youtube?”

She glanced up at me and then shrugged and went back to her drawing. “I was trying to type ‘Barbie’, but I guess I must have spelled something wrong.”

I shook my head at the little girl and moved to admire her drawing. She tilted it towards me and smiled.

“Well,” I said, “thank God for bad spelling.”