I cleared a pile of stuffed unicorns off of Gideon’s bed and sat him down. He blinked at me and smiled, arms still wrapped around my neck, and then he blinked at the fat stuffed unicorn that I had accidentally sat him down on.

“Sorry,” I said, pulling the creature out from under him by its horn. I stood up and watched him as he yawned and pat his hands on the pink sheets of the bed that he shared with his sister.

“Gideon,” I said curiously, “do you ever wish that you had brothers instead of sisters?”

Out the corner of my eye, I noticed Lydia skid to a halt in the doorway and place her fists on her hips like Peter Pan. She frowned at the boy sternly, waiting for his answer. Gideon simply yawned at her and looked back up at me. Finally, he said. “No. Me like sisters.”

I nodded. “Yes. I know. But…” I ignored the stare of the pixie over my shoulder. “Why are you happy to have sisters?”

He shrugged. “If me didn’t have sisters, how would I know when my clothes looked cool?”

“Oh. I guess you are right. Only a sister would know that.” I looked at his sister and she was giving him a cherubic smile and a double thumbs up. He had passed the test. She turned and ran back out of the room, continuing whatever chaotic quest she had been on before.