Clara joined me on a trip to the bank this morning and somehow before we were even out of the driveway we were having a conversation about what it means to implode.

“So, if you suck the air out of something it doesn’t explode?”

“No. It would be destroyed, but it would be like… crushed. Implode and explode. EX is used for things that go out. Like an EXit. Boom! Things fly out all over the place. When something is crushed inward it is called IMploding. Boom. Things are pulled in. IM means to go inward. It’s a Latin thing. You know some Latin, right?”

“Yeah…” She was thoughtful. “So Ex is used for things that go out and IM is used for things that go in?”

“Yeah. Sometimes. Depending on the word. It’s not always true, but it’s-”

“What’s in the middle then?” she interrupted.


“EX is out and IM is in. What’s the middle thing?”

“I… I don’t know what that would even mean.”

“You know, like, Boom!” She held her hands up, frozen in the air.

“Uh… You mean, like… Like what we are doing right now?”

She shrugged. “Yeah.”

“I guess… I guess we are just ploding right now? Like, not exploding, and not imploding, but doing the… thing in the middle.”

“Huh,” she turned to look out the window. “But there’s nothing that you like, add to the start of it or anything.”

“No.” We drove on in silence for a few seconds. “Or, I guess maybe there is. Maybe you could call what we are doing PREploding. Since it’s the thing that is happening BEFORE the explode or implode happens. And I guess, we can’t really know which one of those we will end up with.”

“That makes sense,” she said.

I turned into the bank parking lot. “Does it though? Does it really?”

She just grinned and continued to stare out the window.