We were at the store when Gideon looked up from a rack of plastic Jack-o-lanterns and said, “Dad, did you know when it is Halloween HERE it is Halloween EVERYWHERE?”

“Oh, huh, well, not really. Actually-” I started to say. But I was interrupted.

“Yep! ALL over the world. It is Halloween,” he smiled and blinked at me blankly. I waited. “All at the same time.” He waved his arm in the air.

“Okay, so not really. You see, Halloween is-”

His eyes lit up as if he had just seen something over my shoulder, “Oh! But maybe not everywhere!”

“Right.” I sighed relief. Maybe he was starting to listen. “Yes, so Halloween is actually a-”

He jumped and pointed at the sky, “Because I not know about Mars! Maybe it not Halloween on Mars.”

I nodded. “No… No it is not.”

He shook his head, “But who knows….” He folded his hands behind his back and slowly walked away.

“Right,” I said. “Who knows… Surely not me…”