I was carrying an armful of bags out to the car when I entered the laundry room and found my son holding the door open to the garage with a wide grin on his face.

“Oh wow. Thank you, Gideon,” I said, breathlessly shifting the bags to keep from dropping them all.

“I’m doing Ladies First!” he announced proudly.

“Oh, cool. You’re a good boy.” I tried to maneuver myself around him but he moved into my way and spread out his arms to block my path.

“No Dad,” he laughed. “Ladies. Ladies First, remember! You’re not a lady.”

I backed up so I could peer down at him from over the pile of things stacked up in my arms. “Oh, dude, really? I need to go to the car.”

“Ladies…” he said, and bowed gallantly.

“Yes yes yes. Very polite of you. Fine young gentleman. Now, your sisters are already out in the car, and your mom is upstairs somewhere and won’t be coming through here for another ten minutes or so.”

He blinked at me and remained motionless.

“So, I need to get past you.”

“But you said when you open a door, you do Ladies First,” his arms drooped slightly.

“Okay, yes. I did. But that’s only… you don’t… I mean, if it’s me…”

I sighed. “Andrea! Andrea, could you please come here and walk through this door so your son will let me into the garage!”