“What do you think, Gideon?” I swayed from side to side showing off the blue sweater I had just put on. “Do I look cool?”

The little boy squinted at me sideways from where he was sitting covered in a pile of blankets on my bed. “No,” he shook his head and scowled, still clearly upset about the lights being on, “You do NOT look very cool, Dad.”

I chuckled to myself, “Oh?”

He pouted and shyly looked at his toes. They wiggled on the other side of the blankets. “Well…” he said quietly under his breath, “you look kind of cool, I guess,” as if he had just been caught in a lie and was afraid of being found out.

I waited several seconds for him to glance back, and when he did, I winked. “Thanks, little man.”

He shook his head dismissively and went back to staring at his toes. But I couldn’t help but notice that he was holding back a grin.

As we left the house later that morning I realized he was wearing his blue sweater.