We arrived at the hotel for the first night of our adventure at the Kennecott Mine. I was looking forward to a relaxing few days of exploring and casually taking pictures, but I quickly realized God had other plans.

It turns out that the rustic wooden hotel is authentically crawling with these weird little bugs called “homeschoolers”. Going on vacation with my own weird little homeschoolers is sometimes hard enough. Now, we are wading through a bog of the little tadpoles all reciting random science facts and constantly asking me if the sarcastic nonsense I just shared with them is “really true” and then looking shocked when I say, “Of course not. I was joking.”

My own children, however, are overjoyed by the company. We were barely off the bus, dragging our luggage up the steep wooden stairs into the building, before the one little boy was holding my son’s hand and calling him “Hey my friend!”.

Lydia also made a fast friend. Before bedtime on the first night, she and a funny little dark haired girl snuggled close together on a couch as I prepared a video for them to watch.

“Does your Dad even know how to use one of those things?” She asked behind me, as I fumbled with the remotes trying to figure out which one was to the television and which one was for the DVD player.

“Oh, he does,” I heard Lydia say, defending my honor. And then she continued, “We used to have a TV, but I broke it.”

The other little girl gasped and threw her hands in the air. “Really? Because I broke OUR TV!”

Then the two of them embraced in a gigantic hug and giggled madly, like a pair of squirrels that just learned that they are long lost twins.

I groaned and punched at buttons on the remote.

“My dad was so upset,” the other girl told Lydia.

I sighed. “So, where is your dad?” I asked. Maybe there was someone here that I could bond over broken televisions with.

But the girl just shrugged. “Oh, he said he was sick. So, he stayed home and we came without him.”

I simply nodded. “Oh yeah. Cool. Well, when you get home, tell him his friend James says Hi, and let him know that I understand completely.”