Clara doesn’t understand why the State of Alaska is giving everyone money this week.

This little girl thinks that the money would be better used on something that none of us could afford on our own, but we would all probably enjoy collectively. My daughter says, “We should all take the Alaska money and instead of giving a little bit of it to everyone, (who will probably just waste it), we should use it on something big. Like a bridge from Alaska to… that warm place… what’s it called? That’s right. Hawaii. We should use the money to build a bridge to Hawaii. Everyone would love that, but no one would be able to afford it on their own.”

When I explain that it’s much too far, and even all of the Alaska money wouldn’t be able to afford that, she pretends to have considered this already, “Oh right, of course not from Alaska,” says the little girl. “It’s too far from Alaska. It would have to be a bridge from… What’s that state called? The one on the coast? That’s right. California.”

My daughter, when pressed on the subject, is very confident in her clarification, openly stating on the record that, “Yes. That is exactly what I’m saying. I’m saying that we should use our Alaska money to build a bridge from California to Hawaii.”

This is Clara’s entire fiscal plan.

I’m sorry to say, my daughter’s political future is doomed.