My hands were full, so, at first, I couldn’t see what had been stuck to my belly, but I knew from the flash of pink that had darted in and then back out again that it had been stuck there by Lydia. I sighed and placed the box I was carrying on the couch and then I looked down.


There was giggling coming from the stairs. I stepped around the corner and found her huddled on the third step in a tight little ball. I pointed at the sheet of paper taped to the front of my shirt. “Is this yours?”

She considered this and then nodded.

“Why is it here?”

she straightened up and said proudly, “It’s a note I made. It is for hanging on my bedroom door.”

I cleared my throat, “Right, right, sure. okay. But… why is it…” I pointed emphatically with both hands, “HERE!”

She grinned and batted her eyelashes sweetly. “I just wanted to show you. Did you see? It says ‘DO NOT ENTER’,”

I looked down at it again and turned my head a little bit to the side. “Oh,” I said, suddenly surprised, “Well, would you look at that…”


“Lydia, this does not say Do Not Enter.”

She jumped up and ran towards me, “Wait. What? What’s it say?”

I backed away quickly. “No no no. No, I think I could get used to this.”

“What?! Give me my sign.”

“No, Lydia, I’m keeping this one now. You just stuck a sign on my belly that says DONUT ENTER and I think I’m going to keep it there. Who knows where this could lead? Little girl, maybe you are onto something. Maybe some innocent little donut will come wandering by someday and it will read this sign and climb right up into my belly.”

“Dad! I want my sign back now!” She lunged at me again.

I jumped away from her, “Not until I get my donut!”