Halfway up the hill, Gideon climbed a tree and then fell out of it. As I was helping him up he smiled at me in a red-faced daze due to heat and exhaustion from the long hike down the hill and back up again.

“Phew!” he said faintly, out of breath. And as I led him back to the trail he said, “This has been such a good day, Dad. I have done so much today. I walked for miles and miles, I made TWO new friends, I scratched up my legs, I’m bleeding…” He counted things off on his fingers while we walked.

“You fell out of a tree, ” I added.

“Oh, that’s right!” He returned to his list. “I climbed a tree, I fell out of a tree.”

I smiled down at him. He squinted back from inside my shadow. “This has been the best day EVER, Dad.”

“It has,” I agreed. “The best.”