I looked down at Lydia as we waited in line at the grocery store.

“Um, Lydia…” I said through my mask. “Why is your unicorn upside down?”

Two confused eyes blinked at me from above a pink mask. Then they went cross-eyed and peered down at her nose. “Oh!” came her muffled reply. “You mean my mask?”

“Right.” I nodded at her face where the festive creature on her mask was laying on its back with four skinny legs sticking up in the air. Its pitiful white body crumpled in and out as the little girl breathed under the mask.

“Well, okay. First off,” she said, “it’s not a unicorn. It’s a llama. And secondly,” she looked away and became quite serious. “Secondly, they deserved it.”

My eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Oh… Oh dear… What does that mean? …. What did the llama do?”

She glanced at me sideways, a twinkle of warning in her eyes, but she said nothing. With an inhale of breath she folded the little llama up into a ball and then blew it up again.