My children go to a Homeschool Co-op group once a week, and Lydia was acting especially nervous about the first day.

She was very quiet as we were talking about it and kind of stared at her shoes while she sat in the chair in our living room between her mother and me. Finally, she looked up and softly said, “Mom, could you maybe come sit with me in my class this week?”

Her mother sensed the girl’s timidity and gently bent down to meet her daughter’s wandering gaze. “Probably, but… why? What worries you about class?”

She shrugged unconvincingly. “Nothing really… Well,” she took a deep breath. “Alright. I just don’t like the get-to-know-you question thing at the beginning of class. I get all nervous and… It’s hard.”

“Okay, yeah. It is, ” I agreed from across the room, suddenly having flashbacks to the many ridiculous icebreaker sessions I’ve been in over the years. “And, No one really gets to know anyone anyway. Everyone is so anxious, trying to memorize their own answer that they don’t listen to anyone else’s.”

“Right!” A weight seemed to float off of her a bit, but it quickly settled back in again. “Yeah… If I had been listening I probably would have noticed what we were actually talking about. But…”

There was silence. “So, what happened last time?”

She sighed. “So, they apparently asked ‘what is your favorite pizza topping?’ and…” she puffed out her chest proudly, “when it came to me I said, ‘Tacos!’.” She waved her hand in the air, “Tacos! And everybody laughed and laughed. ‘Tacos on a pizza?!’ They said. Everyone was like, ‘She said tacos! Ha Ha Ha.'”. She made a grumpy face and stuck out her tongue.”

Alright, ” her mother agreed. “Yeah. I’ll come to your class with you.”

“Or, ” I leaned forward in my chair, “if you would rather, we could change your name and all move to Canada. I think everyone would understand.”

The girl just shook her head at the floor. “Sure,” She mumbled under her breath, “Change my name to Taco Girl.”