Clara has been exploring the world of math recently. Simple addition is a particularly fascinating field of science that she seems to enjoy. She likes to jump into the middle of conversations and proudly point out the total number of the things we are discussing. Such as one glass of water for mom and one glass of water for dad to which she will point out that this means there will be two glasses of water.

She has expanded her research to counting and inventorying various items in our house, and then letting us know how many there are of each. Perhaps preparing for some kind of apocalypse scenario where commodities become of great importance. The other day she announced to Andrea that she had completed a study concerning Titus the pug dog, and he had “four legs and”, brace yourself for this startling fact, “No hands!”

This will be written down in the ledger. We should be sure to pick up some hands for the dog sometime before next week.