We were on our way to the movie theater this afternoon when Clara called out from the backseat.

“Dad!” She said, “Don’t go in the ditch. It’s been raining and the ditch is full of water!”

“Um, Okay. Thanks.” I told her as we rounded a corner and stopped at a stop sign.

As I glanced both ways for traffic, I caught a glimpse of my daughter in the backseat as pumped her fist in the air, “Yes!” She said enthusiastically, “Teamwork!”

As I pulled into the movie theater parking lot exactly on time, I was greeted by a crowd of excited fans that immediately hoisted me onto their shoulders and started chanting my name. As if, just because I was in full responsible control over the vehicle, I should be the only person to get the glory for our timely arrival.

So, I would like to take a second to publicly thank my entire crew. First, I could have never done it without Andrea, my co-driver in the passenger seat calling out the turn by turns through what turned out to be a very challenging course today. Also, as mentioned above, Clara, my Hazard Control, calling out upcoming obstacles along the route. Also in the back was Lydia our Head of Snacks, who regularly announces to the team snacks that are present and also snacks that are not present equally. You would not believe how many races have been lost by less experienced drivers because of a lack of appropriate snacks. Also, I would like to thank Robert and the rest of my pit crew that is in charge of keeping my machine running on such a rough course. I just push the buttons and turn the wheel. This guy is the one that really makes the magic happen.

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention all of our wonderful sponsors for tonight’s race. First of course is Disney, who’s feature film Frozen is in theaters ever where. Also, Wendy’s for made fresh burgers and french fries as well as Beary Cool Yogurt in Wasilla Alaska. You guys are all wonderful. If it were not for you we would have never been in this race to begin with.

Finally, a big thank you to all our fans out there that help keep this sport alive in a bad economy. You are the best fans in the world. Please be careful and remember, we are professionals. Do not attempt to ever drive a car yourself since it can be extremely dangerous if not done properly.